Mission & Vision


It was established to collect a wealth of information from around the world and deliver it to both the members of the National Assembly and the general public. In this way, it helps to promote parliamentary democracy, enhances our quality of life, preserves the intellectual heritage of humanity, and transmits that heritage to the next generation.


A parliamentary library that aims to be the world’s best information source providing the finest service to the National Assembly and the public, the National Assembly Library will:

- contribute to the promotion of effective legislature by providing unlimited support to the members of the National Assembly;

- encourage professionalism in the sphere of legislative activities as the best law library in the country;

- comprehensively collect national knowledge and information to establish a global information network;

- develop the intellectual capability of the nation by establishing an extensive digital library that can be accessed anywhere anytime; and

- continue to grow alongside Korean society as it advances into the future.

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